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welcome to paradise

leave your shoes at the door

because I suspect some people out there are confused
sweatdrop, ^^;;;;;
If you're just here for the fanfiction, head on over to wreathsandbells. I apologize for the confusion. This journal is very boring; I wouldn't bother friending it.

I'm also on AO3 as coloredink, and I have a dreamwidth, which is currently a mirror of my ficjournal.

I signed up for tropes_bingo!
way too happy, poing!
virginfic mind control au: crossover au: fantasy au: fusion
curtainfic au: historical genderswap transformations forbidden fruit
hurt / comfort au: mundane FREE

meet the parents / family fake relationship
au: alternate gender norms character in distress au: space friends to lovers / friends with benefits fuck or die
soul bonding / soulmates sex pollen au: other kidfic poor communication skills

Pretty delighted by this card. I expect to be writing BBC Sherlock fic for most or all of it, since that's how I roll these days, although I'm kind of amused by "poor communication skills." That's, like, every Sherlock fic, ya'll.

ink reads magic's price, part ii
i got nothin
Aiite, I know it's been a while, but work was super cray. Like, I have so much OT racked up, you don't even know.

That's not important, though. What's important is that we're finally gonna find out how this all goes down.

(BTW, idk if I ever thanked ladyofthelog for making a trip to my house to, like, give me some books. That was really awesome.)

A link to part one, if you want to refresh your memory.

and what is the price of magic, anywayCollapse )

ink reads magic's price, part i
dear diary, plotting world destruction
Aaaaannndd we're back! This is taking a little longer because 1) this book is actually a bit longer than the others and 2) I actually misplaced the book at one point. But I found it! And read some more of it! And let me tell you, this book is gold. In fact, there's so much good stuff here that I decided to break it into two parts, just so I don't have to leave anything out.

Read more...Collapse )

ink reads...magic's promise!
more often than you think, smallville
Aaaaanndd we're back with yet another installment of Ink Reads Bad Fantasy So That You Don't Have To! I'm sad to report that this one was less lolarious, but I think we can still have a good time.

i bet my high school english teachers never thought i'd be using my english skills this wayCollapse )

i got nothin
I just discovered that my library doesn't have a copy of Book Three of the Last Herald-Mage Trilogy at all! The first two books, but not the last one! CUUURRRSSEEEESSS welp better start searching the used bookstores.

Also, Book Three apparently won a Lambda Literary Award? Huh. Who knew.
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insert witty subject line here
gayest costume ever wtf
So I've been going to the library a lot and reading a lot of really good prizewinning literature, stuff like The Book Thief by Michael Zusak and The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon and it was all great but also really heavy. So then I decided that I really needed a break from all this heavy and prizewinning literature, and then call_me_ishmael suggested that I read The Last Herald-Mage trilogy, by Mercedes Lackey. Because I have very little good sense, I thought that this seemed like a great idea.

So this is your fault, call_me_ishmael.

and then he thought my reactions were so hilarious that I should blog about itCollapse )

so I finally went and saw The Hobbit
i got nothin
That was a really long movie.

the power went out so we went and saw the avengers
i got nothin
And for some reason my favorite character was Barton??? When did I become this person. :(

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a meme? a meme!
Been a while since I posted anything to this journal, and what do I post? A meme. Here, have one of them newfangled Johari window things. I'm curious, what can I say.